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The quickest way to raise finance.  Funds available in days.  It enables you to solve an urgent problem, or to grab an opportunity that may otherwise be out of your reach.  Often eliminates the need for a deposit when purchasing property at an advantageous price.  A short term solution and a stepping stone to long term funding. 

It can be secured against any land or property in England, Wales, or Scotland.

We arrange either ‘open ended’ bridging, unlike the high street banks, or a closed bridging facility.

Open ended bridging is where you need to raise funds quickly before having time to put long term funding in place.  It can be to solve a short term problem, or to benefit from an instant opportunity, or to help meet an objective.

Closed bridging is where a contract has already been exchanged but you need the funds before the future completion date.

Applicants can be sole traders, partners, LLP’s, or limited companies.

Loan Details:-

  • Fast completion time.
  • No proof of income needed.
  • Can be on either a first or second charge basis. 
  • Can be for capital raising, purchase and acquisition, debt consolidation, and/or the discharge of pressing problems such as from the Inland Revenue or an Official Receiver.
  • Clean or poor credit history can be accepted.
  • The loan amount is based on the valuation of the land/property, not the contract purchase price, which generally means that you can borrow more than on a standard loan.
  • Maximum loan is up to 75% of valuation, or 100% with additional security.
  • Minimum loan amount £26,000  -  Maximum loan amount £20,000,000.  Subject to property type, location, and case strength.
  • Term – Minimum 2 months, maximum 12 months but can be renewable.
  • No monthly payments needed if the loan balance stays within the lender’s agreed maximum LTV, i.e. Interest ‘rolled up’ and total debt repaid at end of the loan term.
  • Monthly interest rates vary with each proposal.
  • Your costs will include valuation fees, lender’s solicitor costs, your solicitor, lender’s arrangement/facility fee, and our broker fee (paid at completion).

Although bridging loans are not a cheap option they can help you to achieve an objective otherwise out of your reach.  They should be used as a stepping stone.  It can save you losing an opportunity or help you get rid of an urgent short term problem.

To discuss how we may help you, please contact us.


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